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Pallet Racking Accessories

If you’re looking for racking for your warehouse or storage facility, LinkMisr are the team that can provide you with a truly tailor-made solution. 

Because of our extensive range of accessories and optional add-ons, our pallet-racking range can be easily tailored in a variety of ways and integrated in a variety of existing systems and set-ups. Whatever your requirements or pallet load. 

1- Run Spacer
2- Wall Tie
3- Bolted Joining Unit
4- Frame Footplates
5- Pallet Foot Support
6- Drum Chock
7- Fork Spacer
8- Shelf Support
9- Steel Upright Protector
10- Lead In Steel Upright Protector
11- High impact Polymer Upright Protector
12- Rack End Protector
13- Tubular Barrier
14- Steel Shelf Panels
15- Wire Shelves
16- P & D Stations
17- Racking Signs

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +2012 718 83441

Pallet Racking Systems Types