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Satellite Pallet Racking System

Our Pallet Satellite system presents a space-efficient solution for storing bulk loads like food, beverages, and other palletized items. Traditionally, these items are stored using drive-in or pallet live racking systems, which have limitations based on the achievable storage lane length. Our Satellite racking system overcomes this restriction by employing an automated shuttle that moves on support rails, enabling deeper lane storage.


Pallets are placed onto a shuttle at the entrance of the lane, which then transports them to the opposite end. The shuttle system includes a built-in sensor that identifies the position of the next pallet and deposits it at an adjustable distance from the previous one before returning to the starting point.

Using a radio remote controller, the shuttle’s movements are controlled, allowing the forklift truck operator to proceed with other tasks while the shuttle accurately positions the pallet in its designated storage spot. The shuttle can be easily maneuvered between lanes using a standard forklift truck. As a result, the Pallet Shuttle System eliminates the need for forklift trucks to navigate the aisles.

Key Benefits:

  • Time and space savings, translating to cost savings in the dynamic logistics landscape. 
  • The system offers increased storage capacity, optimization of storage and loading/unloading processes, swift operating speeds, and high reliability. 
  • The Autosat® Shuttle requires minimal maintenance, and the racking itself demands nearly no upkeep. 
  • The system setup also reduces the number of operators and forklifts required, leading to lower operational costs. 
  • The system is suitable for cold storage environments, functioning efficiently even in temperatures as low as -30⁰C, and is complemented by a wide range of accessories.

To ensure continuous operation, the Shuttle is programmed to return to its starting point as its battery life depletes. This allows the operator to replace the battery with a charged one or switch to a second unit without any interruptions in the racking system’s workflow.

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