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Maintenance & Inspection

Despite your meticulous handling of your storage arrangement, occasional damage is inevitable. If left unnoticed, this damage can lead to severe consequences, including harm to personnel. To address this, we have a proficient team of safety engineers at your disposal.

We furnish you with a comprehensive report outlining any identified damage, categorized with a straightforward red, amber, green classification to denote the degree of severity. Additionally, we will present you with a repair estimate for any outstanding damage and propose strategies to prevent similar issues in the future. Our recommendations extend to introducing you to our array of Pallet Racking Accessories and Protection products, encompassing barriers, upright protectors, rails, and signage.

Whether you harbor uncertainties regarding the structural soundness of your current pallet racking system or you simply aspire to remain well-informed about optimal safety protocols for your workspace, reach out to our team dedicated to racking safety inspections today via

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