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After Sale Services

At LinkMisr, we place a significant emphasis on the secure design, technical performance, and proper installation of all our products. Our installation service is at your disposal to ensure your storage needs are met with utmost safety and efficiency. We take care of fitting your requirements, ensuring they are ready for use. Our expertise extends to pallet racking, shelving, and locker installations – the three main areas of our product range.

Our manufacturing process adheres to the guidelines of the UK Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (S.E.M.A), the UK’s national trade association for storage equipment. We strive to comply with all applicable industry standards for storage installations.

Furthermore, our quality assurance systems, certified by ISO 9001, encompass not only manufacturing but also installation. This guarantees that all procedures are formalized and subject to regular audits. We aim to provide you with the confidence that comes with a professionally designed and installed storage solution.

LinkMisr International’s project management team is structured to cater to the diverse storage needs of our customers, regardless of size, complexity, or location. From the initial briefing and site assessment to intricate design proposals, manufacturing, installation, and final commissioning, our storage experts approach project planning with utmost seriousness, ensuring your project is in capable hands.

With the necessary skills and resources, we assure you that your project will be managed safely from inception to completion.

Our well-trained personnel approach your storage equipment installation with care and precision, aiming for the best practical solution on-site. For larger projects, we can assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the process.

Your project manager’s responsibilities include:

• Overseeing the contract from inception to final account.
• Coordinating with our design team and your management.
• Managing the agreed-upon schedule.
• Documenting and communicating progress.
• Handling on-site matters related to design and installation.
• Establishing on-site safety practices.
• To ensure the smooth progress of each project, the project manager is supported by skilled installation supervisors who address daily site needs – from material logistics to resolving installation challenges and collaborating with other trades.

Opting for one of our comprehensive maintenance agreements can provide you with a cost-effective service program. This ensures that your storage systems are maintained in a secure condition by industry-leading experts. We can also identify any potential repair needs before they impair the system’s operation.

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