CEO Message - LinkMisr
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Dear Partners and Colleagues,

I’m delighted to address you on behalf of LinkMisr, the pioneering company that has shaped Egypt’s storage industry since 1993. In these 30 years, we’ve become Egypt’s market leader, offering smart storage solutions that empower businesses across various industries and sectors.

Since our establishment, our commitment to excellence drives us in all aspects, from operations and product quality to customer satisfaction and employee well-being. We’re dedicated to innovation and manufacturingstorage systems that exceed expectations.

LinkMisr has established itself as a significant player in storage systems at both regional and global levels, with exports reaching more than 20 countries, encompassing regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and the USA.

Yet, our story is more than just a timeline of achievements; it’s about embracing a culture of innovation, partnerships, and individual growth. I’ve instilled in our team the core principles that have guided my entrepreneurial endeavors: loyalty, respect, innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement.

But our impact extends beyond business horizons and operations to prepare young minds and develop the potential of younger generations for future industry advancements and contribute positively to society.

Certainly, our journey has been marked by challenges and obstacles, but each obstacle has been faced with an unyielding spirit, knowledge, passion, patience and determination.

Let us proudly carry forward LinkMisr International’s legacy as a leading manufacturer of modern and advanced storage solutions. Together, we shall transcend boundaries, set new benchmarks, and make a lasting impact on our industry and beyond.

I extend my deepest gratitude to our exceptional partners and dedicated team. We look forward to a fruitful future of groundbreaking achievements.

With heartfelt enthusiasm,

Refaat A.Shahid

Chairman & CEO, LinkMisr International