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In the context of our business, the R&D department plays a crucial role in ensuring our competitiveness by analyzing the market and innovating with new products or enhancements to existing ones. The future success and expansion

The R&D Department bears the responsibility of conducting research and implementing solutions for the organization. Our role is dynamic and primarily revolves around creating prototypes using our research, conducting product design and testing, and improving existing products through redesigning and iterations. We are accountable for maintaining and updating the company’s products, managing mechanical design, drawings, bills of materials, and engineering processes right up to the product release. Throughout the development process, we ensure thorough documentation and initiate the engineering change process as per the established flow. Additionally, we evaluate and select components to optimize fabrication and minimize product costs. Our continuous efforts involve developing new ideas and innovative technologies to enhance and advance our products.

We employ SOLIDWORKS, a computer-aided design (CAD) software, to create accurate 3D models of mechanical components and systems. These models allow us to assess the design’s performance and make necessary modifications before moving on to the physical construction phase. Additionally, we utilize SolidWorks Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate real-world physical behavior for products. This virtual testing of CAD models enables us to predict how the product will behave under different conditions by adjusting materials, connections, fixtures, and external loads as needed.

Our group consists of exceptionally talented mechanical design engineers.