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Wide Aisle Pallet Racking System

A straightforward and versatile storage solution that provides direct access to each pallet and can easily accommodate changes in the size and shape of stored goods. Its durable design ensures simple maintenance. This racking system can be customized to meet your specific storage requirements and can be adjusted as your business grows.

Our pallet racking is highly appreciated by industries and logistic companies for its adaptability, allowing it to be assembled as single or double depth racks. The layout of pallets in wide aisle racking is not restricted, providing constant accessibility at all times.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% accessibility to individual pallets.
  • Maximum adjustability for a wide range of racks.
  • Variable depths and widths suitable for various storage media.
  • A comprehensive range of accessories is available to tailor the racking system precisely to your needs, including run spacers, steel shelf panels, and upright protectors, among others.

Comprehensive Accessories 

With the right accessories from our extensive range, you can adapt every pallet racking system perfectly to your particular needs. As well as run spacer, steel shelf panel, upright protector. etc

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