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Rack Clad Building

Due to LinkMisr International’s leading role in the storage systems sector across Egypt, the Middle East, and the African market, we take pride in introducing a cutting-edge edifice featuring a racking system supported by the latest and most advanced technology in Egypt. This building has been meticulously designed using specialized programs tailored to this specific application.

Key Benefits:

  • The distinguishing advantage of the Rack Clad system lies in its ability to dispense with traditional structural columns for wall and roof support. 
  • This system is directly affixed to the racking framework to finalize the construction of the building, offering significant reductions in both construction time and expenses


The outcome is a self-sustaining warehouse that optimally utilizes the available surface area. Within this space, storage options range from manual to semi-automated or fully automated processes.

The structural design has been meticulously examined by our in-house consultants in Egypt, as well as scrutinized by Link51 UK externally.

Achievements include:

  • Full utilization of storage space (100%)
  • Exceptional quality in building construction (100%)
  • A remarkable 50% reduction in construction time.

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