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Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Much like standard or wide aisle pallet racking, the concept behind double deep racking revolves around the utilization of adjustable steel frames and beams to accommodate pallets in pairs, positioned two deep at each picking point.

The utilization of double deep pallet racking effectively amplifies the storage capacity at each designated location, thereby enabling a greater concentration of stored items within the given space. By storing pallets in pairs, the need for numerous aisles is minimized, thereby liberating more space for additional racking installations and thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the storage facility.

Key Benefits:

  • Provision of 50% accessibility for reaching individual pallets.
  • Establishment of a remarkably space-efficient storage system through the double-deep configuration.
  • Facilitation of an effective stock management system.
  • Availability of an extensive array of accessories tailored to the system’s requirements.

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