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Multi-Tier Pallet Racking System

Multi-tier racking implements integrated walkways within its structure, establishing manual picking pathways at different elevation levels. This configuration presents a more efficient utilization of space in comparison to traditional mezzanine floor layouts.

Multi-tier racking proves particularly advantageous for accommodating cartons, boxes, and garment storage needs. The arrangement constructs multiple tiers and walkways for the purpose of storing and retrieving goods.

These multi-tier structures can be set up directly from the ground or alternatively positioned atop a specifically designed mezzanine structure, creating a versatile storage zone below.The setup encompasses standard or customized staircases, lifts, access gates, handrails, and partitioning barriers. It facilitates the use of wooden or steel decking and can be fully enclosed. Our design adapts industrial mezzanine floors to cater to the unique demands of your business

Key Benefits:

  • Maximizes the vertical space within the building.
  • Optimizes the floor space of the warehouse.
  • Enables an increased capacity for order picking across multiple levels.
  • Facilitates the combination of pallet storage and storage for smaller items.
  • Offers a selection of wooden, mesh, grating, or steel shelves based on specific requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrates fire sprinkler and lighting systems.
  • Presents an extensive array of staircase, handrail, and pallet options.

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