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Drive-In Pallet Racking System

The Drive-in Pallet Racking system stands out as one of our most space-efficient solutions for pallet storage, especially effective when dealing with large quantities of goods.

By fully utilizing the vertical storage capacity, which can go up to 11 meters, this system optimizes pallet placement in close proximity. This clever arrangement minimizes the need for wide aisles, resulting in a high-density storage approach that maximizes both the floor area and the three-dimensional storage space.

The essence of the drive-in racking concept lies in placing pallets on runners within the depth of the racking structure. This design allows trucks to physically enter the racking itself for the loading and unloading of goods.

In this arrangement, the last pallet to be loaded is the first to be taken out from a particular lane. While this setup limits the selectivity of accessing specific stock items, it proves highly advantageous in scenarios where bulk loads are delivered and dispatched together. This aspect makes it particularly suitable for items that are not time-sensitive, as it significantly amplifies the total storage capacity of a warehouse.

Key Benefits:

  • Achieving remarkable storage density by maximizing the use of the available cubic space.
  • Accommodating a greater number of pallets per cubic meter.
  • Excellently catering to goods with limited stock rotation, particularly those subject to seasonal demand.
  • Being well-suited for applications involving cold and chilled storage requirements.
  • Operating on the principle of First-In, Last-Out (FILO), enabling efficient accessibility.
  • Catering to bulk storage needs for items of the same category.
  • Offering a comprehensive assortment of supplementary accessories to enhance functionality.

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