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We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supplying Racking and Shelving logistics storage solutions to businesses across the Middle East. Whether you handle your logistical operations internally or are a distinct logistics company in your own right, LinkMisr use a tailored approach to find the right storage system to meet your needs.

Logistics Storage

Whether you’re transporting retail or e-commerce goods, food and beverage products or any other sort of materials, the key to effective logistic storage is efficiency and clever use of space. LinkMisr offer various product lines to help accomplish all logistical storage and delivery goals.

The challenge faced by logistic companies require optimum storage solution that guarantee speed, flexibility & safety of products stored, some of the key issues that our customer face is:

  • Flexibility to alter layouts & adapts contracts change.
  • Ability to store a variety of different sized goods.
  • Optimum use of space in a warehouse, obtaining the most storage in the smallest space.
  • Fast access to goods as deliveries are collated & assembled.

Browse our range of storage products to see how we can help your company today or call us on +2012 718 83441.

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