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The products are coated with an easy to clean paint, which does not interact with cleaning solvents. For businesses with a special focus on hygiene and safety standards.

Various storage solutions are used by guests, consumers and staff across the hospitality sector daily.
We have a wide range of lockers, cupboards, shelving and other products, that are ideal for meeting the varied requirements of this vibrant industry.

Lockers for Hostels, Hotels, Spas and Restaurants
Providing secure storage for personal belongings is a common requirement in the hospitality sector, and we can supply lockers to meet this need.

Hotel lockers and hostel lockers, for example, are a great way to keep guests’ luggage or valuable items safe.
From spa lockers and golf club lockers to other changing room equipment like bench seating.

Hospitality Shelving
Whether you work in tourism, accommodation, cuisine or any other element of the hospitality industry, we can meet any storage requirement you might have. LinkMisr use a recommended design service to ensure we provide the right solution for your needs.Browse our range of storage

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