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As online shopping continues to grow at pace year on year, the operational and strategic challenges presented by this colossal step in the history of retailing also expand dramatically. This has had a direct effect on the need for increased storage for e-commerce.

As the LinkMisr’s leading supplier of storage solutions, we are able to tailor our unique product design capability and extensive product range to support any and every e-commerce storage requirement across the e-commerce supply chain from DC to store and collection locker. We have also spent a great deal of effort researching the latest trends in this field to stay at the forefront of the e-commerce sector.

The e-commerce storage solution can easily adapt to change in demand in terms of volume & stock profile whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with this fast market place.
Whether you are searching for automated storage of an efficient solution for hand-picking operation, our combination of products or tailored to meet the requirements of online retailer & distribution centers.

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