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Automotive Storage Solutions from Workshops to Warehouses

The various shapes and sizes of automotive parts, from exhaust pipes to fragile windscreens, makes automotive storage a special challenge. For that reason, we have developed special solutions that make the storage easy for these components.

Our automotive workshop solutions are based on our, which makes it easy to integrate the various storage accessories for different components into a single storage solution that corresponds with your needs. Our storage system can be assembled in countless ways making it easy to change, adjust or expand. For larger scale, automotive situations, such as a PDC central warehouse for spare parts and automotive accessories, might be more appropriate.

The solutions can be configured in different ways such as multi-tier versions or placed on mobile bases to best optimize your space.

Small parts
The automotive industry has a large variety of boxes and small parts that require handling and storing in an efficient way.

  • Shelf adaptability with storage bins and a variety of different shelf dividers.
  • Integrated drawer solutions with moveable dividers.

Bulky items

Several car parts are bulky and oddly shaped and not made for conventional storage. For this reasons special solutions are needed. With the various automotive accessories for the storage system storing exhaust pipes, windscreens and car body parts is made easy.

LinkMisr will provide you with a solution that is space efficient, secure and make picking easy.

  • Efficient storage of exhaust pipes
  • Secure and easy to handle solutions for car glass and windscreens
  • Storage for bulky and impact sensitive parts for the car body, such as bonnets, doors and car wings

Configuration options:

  • Single-tier
  • Multi-tier

Heavy items
Heavy components need a good solution to be safely stored as well as easily managed. LinkMisr has special shelves that can handle the loads of heavy car components:

  • shelves to store products with high point loads, like car batteries
  • Reinforced shelves for generally heavy items

Tyres and rims
Storage of tyres is about obtaining the maximum amount of tyre storage in the available space without affecting the quality of the tyre. LinkMisr provides a complete range of tyre storage solutions which focus on space efficiency, quality and good ergonomics.

LinkMisr’s tyre storage systems are suitable for both vertical and horizontal tyre storage, either for individually tyres or bulk storage.

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