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Fully Automated System



AutosatMover® is the next generation modular system, fully automatic for the automation of multi-depth storage of pallets. It is composed by:

  • Mover, the mother shuttle, which moves on rails that are perpendicular to the storage channels, powered by busway at each loading system.
  • Supercap®, the satellite on board, commanded by the mother shuttle via wifi and allocated to the operations in different storage channels, for the automatic collection and storage of pallets.

The different system configurations are composed of elevators/descenders for Pallets. These are intended for the delivery of pallets to the different storage channel for its management by AutosatMover, and elevators/descenders for the Mover.
This happens only in configurations where a single AutosatMover is working on different levels.
Even for AutosatMover®, the management of the entire system is provided by our WMS software.

Features & Benefits:

  • More availability of the system as a whole.
  • Lower costs compared to other systems with the same potentially.
  • Better overall performance of the system
  • Low power consumption of the system
  • Fast & simple installation.
  • Maximum reduction of costs for assistance & maintenance.
  • Working temperature from – 30 C TO +40 C
  • Availability of the system during maintenance on the machines
  • Great flexibility & simplicity in picking.


Automation System Types