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Site Survey:

At LinkMisr International we offer storage consultancy to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and assess whether your site can safely accommodate the proposed storage requirement. We offer site survey plans across all of our pallet racking, shelving and lockers products.

Our Free survey design services will include an assessment of the floor condition, load capability, service ducting, column, door and window locations, ceiling heights and position.

Storage Consultancy Services
Our Pre-Sales Support is unrivalled, providing a higher level of detail than most. Our consultative approach draws on over 25years’

To find out more or to book your free appointment with a local storage expert, call +201271883441


Whilst as a customer you might specify storage requirements once in a lifetime, at LinkMisr International we design storage solutions every day, and with 25 years’ experience behind us, we have developed a level of expertise for you to draw on. Unlike many specialists who charge for bespoke storage design work, our service provides your ideal storage design free of charge along with our quotation. 

We let you see the quality of the storage solution design we are capable of offering, before letting you decide the best route to creating your perfect storage system. Not only will we provide your custom storage design for free, we will also develop as many versions of your design as you need until you are happy that the scheme meets your needs. 

We will then cost it for you in a clear and easy to understand quotation. Our site survey service is an important part of this process and in some cases our Installation Supervisors accompany storage scheme experts to view and comment on any logistical difficulties pre-quotation, meaning you don’t get any unwanted surprises when installation work starts. 

To find out more or to book a free appointment with your local storage expert, please call +201271883441

Quotation Service: 

Our LinkMisr quotation services acknowledge the importance of a quick and easy quotation service, which is why we can deliver your storage quote in a variety of ways. Whether you are a public or private sector customer, getting a storage quote from LinkMisr is simple, straight forward and hassle-free.

We will often attend several meetings with you or your nominated representatives to ensure the final design is acceptable, before preparing the proposed storage installation quote.
For public sector customers and larger private sector schemes, we are able to submit bids.

To find out more about our quotation services or to get a quote on storage solutions from your local expert, simply call us on +201271883441


We place great emphasis on the safe design, installation and technical performance of all our products. Our installation service is available to ensure that your storage requirements are fitted in the most safe and efficient manner, and are handed over to you ready for the purpose. We offer pallet racking installation, shelving installation and locker installation – our three key product areas.

LinkMisr International manufacturing is done according to the guidelines of the UK storage equipment manufacturers association (S.E.M.A), the national trade association for storage equipment in the UK, we ensure that wherever possible we confirm to all applicable industry standards covering storage installation.

Additionally, our quality assurance systems, assessed to ISO 9001 cover not only manufacturing, but also installation, ensuring that all processes are formalized and regularly audited. We want you to experience the peace of mind you get from a professionally designed and installed storage solution.

To find out more or to book a free appointment with your local storage expert, please call +201271883441

Project Management

LinkMisr International’s project management team is structured flexibly to service the varied storage requirements of our customers, irrespective of size, complexity or location. From the initial briefing and site survey to detailed design proposals, manufacturing, installation and final commissioning, our storage experts take project planning seriously, so you know your project is in good hands.

We have the skills and resources necessary to provide you with the peace of mind that your project will be managed safely from start to finish.

Our experienced personnel are fully trained, and will approach your storage equipment installation with care and attention to achieve the best practical solution on site. Where appropriate, we can assign a project manager to facilitate this, especially on larger projects.

Your project manager is responsible for:

  • Managing your contract from receipt to final account.
  • Liaising with our design team and your management team.
  • Managing the agreed programmed.
  • Recording and reporting progress.
  • On-site issues relating to design and installation.
  • Establishing safe working practices on-site.

To make sure each project runs smoothly, your project manager is supported by highly skilled installation supervisors who attend to the daily site requirements of the contract – from material flow and resolution of installation problems to the interface with other trades.

To find out more about our project management services, or to book a free appointment with one of our storage experts, please call +201271883441

Service contracts

You might prefer one of our comprehensive maintenance agreements to provide you with a cost-effective service programme.,meaning that you can be assured that your storage systems are maintained in a safe condition by industry leading experts.
We can also highlight the need for any future repair work before the operation of the system becomes impaired.

No matter how carefully you use your storage scheme, damage will occur from time to time, which can result in serious consequences, including injury to staff, if left undetected. We have a skilled team of safety engineers.

We provide you with a full report detailing any damage and grade it is using a simple red, amber, green system to signify severity. We will also offer a quotation for repairing any outstanding damage and outline ways to avoid similar issues occurring in the future, including introducing you to our range of Pallet Racking Accessories and Protection products, such as barriers, upright protectors, rails, and signage.

Whether you’re unsure about the structural integrity of your existing pallet racking system or simply want to keep up to date with best practices for a safe working environment, contact our racking safety inspection team today on +201271883441

Minimizing the possibility of damage to pallet racking is one of the most important challenges facing the storage industry and LinkMisr are very active in promoting the safe use of storage equipment.

There are requirements which will minimize damage including: - 

Person responsible for racking safety

The User should nominate a competent person to be responsible for racking safety (PRRS).  The PRRS is responsible for ensuring that the racking is used, inspected and maintained in accordance with the appropriate regulations and guidelines.

 Operator training

The User shall ensure that the operators are trained in the appropriate use and limitations of the storage equipment. It is the responsibility of the User to maintain the racking in reasonable condition. Comprehensive and effective driver training will minimize the possibility of any accidents.

 Rack protection

End frame protectors are recommended, in truck operated racking, for all end frames between a gangway and an aisle and also for all end frames between a bridge bay and an aisle. Other racking protection requirements should be considered as identified by the risk assessment. The User should be aware of the implications of retrofitting protection devices which reduce operating clearances and can, in some circumstances, lead to an increase in the amount of damage.

 Inspection requirements

Regular inspection of the pallet racking is required. The inspection should follow a hierarchical approach using 3 levels of inspection as follows: -

  1. Damage inspection by warehouse operatives
  2. Weekly inspections as a visual check from ground level
  3. Annual or bi-annual inspection by a ‘technically competent' person


Any damaged component, noted during inspection as requiring repair or replacement, should be taken out of use in accordance with SEMA guidelines and repaired or replaced by suitably trained personnel as required.   


 Typical racking protection requirements are shown in Figures 1 and 2.



 Figure 1. Plan view of racking showing typical protection requirements




 Figure 2. Elevation of racking showing typical protection requirements at a bridge bay



   Another important document regarding the safe use of pallet racking is the HSE document HSG 76, Warehousing and storage, A guide to health and safety.’ This can be downloaded free from the HSE website.

The HSE document has various requirements which will minimize damage including the following paragraphs on rack protection: -

 Racking protection

  • For increased safety, many racking suppliers consider it prudent to secure all uprights to the floor. Floor fixing should be such that the anticipated horizontal shear and vertical tensile forces can be safely resisted


Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected. Generally, such damage is at the lower levels of the racking – use renewable column guards to minimize the risk of damage from accidental impact. Corner uprights in a run of racking are especially at risk and should be suitably provided with a protective device in a conspicuous colour.


  • Retrofitting upright protection devices to an existing aisle where they have never been provided can have the effect of reducing the available clearances for fork-lift truck manoeuvres, which can in some circumstances increase the amount of damage caused. Such situations need consideration on a case-by-case basis.

 Whether you’re unsure about the structural integrity of your existing pallet racking system or simply want to keep up to date with best practices for a safe working environment, contact our racking safety inspection team today on +201271883441