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Metal Lockers

Metal Lockers
LinkMisr has extensive product range that means we can provide a solution for every locker requirement: from a school or a retail shop, to a food manufacturing site; LinkMisr has a solution.   

Whether its for low cost gyms, luxury spas or elite hotel facilities; Lockers are the ideal solution for keeping changing rooms clean and tidy, by providing visitors and staff with a safe and secure method of storing personal items; whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Food and Drink
Lockers are specifically designed to provide staff with safe and secure storage for personal items, which make them ideal for uniform/work wear storage, bulky items and functional changing facilities between shift patterns.

We have a great range of lockers for use in construction. These are perfect for storing workwear, dispensing clean uniforms or overalls and general employee personal storage. Whether you need lockers on your warehouse/construction floor or require an on-site changing room; we offer a range of styles, door colours and locking mechanisms to meet every need.

Hygiene is an important element of the healthcare sector. Locker solutions, whether for staff or patients, should not be overlooked, coating the Steel Lockers with Epoxy Polyester Powder coating can make a big difference.

Manufacturing lockers provide staff with safe and secure storage for personal items and work equipment, no matter how awkward or bulky the items may be. Our extensive range of lock options also makes it easy to share lockers during different shift patterns.

In a busy office environment with a high number of staff and visitors, the storage of personal items can often be over-looked. We offer a wide range of locker and lock options; from short stay, quick return use, to long-term/permanent usage.

We work with Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as Colleges and Universities across the country. Lockers are proven to help reduce clutter and fire hazards, improve the aesthetics of schools and provide much needed storage for students.

Emergency Services
In emergencies, lockers help increase the speed of item retrieval, due to quick identification and easy access. Use lockers to store Personal Protective Equipment to prevent damage and theft.

Due to staff shift patterns, it is vital to fully maximise staff changing areas in order to provide all staff with a safe and secure place for personal storage, staff uniforms and work equipment. Secure storage helps minimise theft, clutter and health & safety issues, whilst maintaining hygienic standards.

Lockers can be an integral part of a buildings design and functionality. We work closely with Architects to ensure lockers are more than just an afterthought.

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