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Euro Steel Drawers

Steel Drawer (full-width)

supplied as a kit

Material: Mild steel, with steel runners, support brackets & fixings.

Finish: Painted Link/Light Grey.

Features: Drawer pulls out on telescopic slides, and can be sub-divided for the more efficient storage of small items.

Benefits: Drawer is fully accessible and provides protective storage for small, valuable orfragile items. When closed, drawer contents are shielded against dust


  • Steel Drawer is 450mm nominal depth only, with support brackets available to fit 450, 500 or 600mm bay depths.
  • Drawer load 45 kg : 55 kg

Material & Finish: Dividers: mild steel, painted; Sub-dividers, plain aluminium.

Features: The inner perimeter of a Pull-OutDrawer is slotted at 25mm increments to accept Slotted Dividers, which fit either the drawer depth or width.

Also available are Plain Sub-Dividers, located between slotted dividers and the drawer slots to create smaller storage compartments.

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