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Long Span Shelving System

Is one of our leading systems for hand loaded storage of heavy or large items. Providing long, uninterrupted bays between frames, longspan shelving is ideal for a range of workplaces, including commercial, industrial and retail environments.

Our long span shelving uses the same boltless assembly principles as many of our other ranges, which makes it both easy to erect and simple to reconfigure if you need to adapt the system to changing storage needs.

This simple clip together assembly method where beams fasten securely onto uprights, makes longspan shelving ideal in workplaces where stocked items change in shape and size regularly A wide range of shelf materials including steel, wood and timber can be chosen from to suit your storage requirements. A selection beam size options means that longspan shelving delivers a cost-effective solution for heavy duty storage requirements where items are loaded by hand.

For more complex or growing needs we can offer custom-made single or two-tier longspan shelving installations to accommodate a higher density storage capacity and maximize the space available at your premises.

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