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Wide Aisle

Wide Aisle

Pallet Racking Wide Aisle

The simplest of racking systems, wide aisle pallet racking allows direct access to every pallet and is easily adjustable to cater for changes in the size and shape of goods stored. Maintaining the wide aisle pallet racking system is simple thanks to its durable design.

Wide aisle pallet racking can be designed to meet your specific storage requirements and can be reconfigured to accommodate your growing business needs.

Industry & logistic companies appreciate the versatility of our pallet racking, which can be assembled as single or double depth racks. Pallets stored in wide aisle racking are not subject to any restrictions in layout, but are freely accessible at all time.


  1. Wide Aisle gives 100% accessibility to reach individual pallets.
  2. Maximum adjustment for full range of racks.
  3. Variable depths and widths suitable for all kinds of storage media.
  4. Comprehensive range of accessories.

Comprehensive accessories

With the right accessories from our extensive range, you can adapt every pallet racking system perfectly to your particular needs. As well as run spacer, steel shelf panel, upright protector. etc

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +2012 718 83441