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Rack Clad Building

Rack Clad Building

Pallet Racking Rack Clad Building

Because LinkMisr International is the pioneer in the field of storage systems in Egypt, the Middle East & the African market, we are proud to present the building supported by racking system with Modern & UpToDate technology in Egypt, as it is designed by programs specially prepared for this type of application.


The unique benefit of the Rack Clad system is that it does not require conventional structural columns to support the walls and roof. Being fixed directly on to the racking structure to complete the building, this solution offers considerable savings on construction time and cost.


The result: a self-supporting warehouse which makes maximum use of available surface area, where storage can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

The structural design reviewed by our consultants inside Egypt and reviewed by Link51 UK outside.

  • 100% storage space utilization.
  • 100 Building Quality Efficiency.
  • 50% Construction Time Save. 

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +201271883441