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Multi Tier

Multi Tier

Pallet Racking Multi Tier

Multi-tier racking provides walkways which are built into the racking structure, creating manual pick lanes at various levels.

This type of structure offers an improved utilization of space than a traditional mezzanine floor arrangement.

Multi-tier racking is ideal for cartons, boxes and garment storage.

This type of racking structure creates a number of levels and walkways for storing and collecting goods.

Multi-tier structures can be installed directly from the floor or alternatively on top of a specially designed mezzanine structure – this allows for a multi-functional storage area below.

The system will include standard or special staircases, lifts or access gates, handrails or partitioning barriers. It can use wood or steel decking, and can be totally encased. Whatever your requirements we can design industrial mezzanine floors to suit your individual business needs.


  • Utilises the full height of the building.
  • Optimises warehouse floor space.
  • Allows & increase number of order picking on multiple levels.
  • Can combine pallet storage and small goods storage.
  • Combines wooden, mesh, grating or steel shelves depending on requirements.
  • Easily incorporates fire sprinkler and lighting systems.
  • Extensive range of stairs, handrails and pallet.

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +2012718 83441 .