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Drive In

Drive In

Pallet Racking Drive In

Drive in Pallet Racking is one of our most space efficient pallet racking systems, and is particularly effective for storing goods in bulk.

By making the most of the height of the available storage area (up to 11 meters), loading many pallets in close proximity and reducing aisle and lane space, drive in pallet racking represents an extremely high-density storage option, which maximizes the use of both cubic and floor space.

Drive in racking achieves this by placing the pallets on runners in the depth of the racking and having trucks physically enter the racking to deposit or retrieve loads.

With the first pallet into a lane being the last out, drive in racking means stock selectivity is restricted, but for environments where loads are delivered and dispatched in bulk batches this is not an issue. In fact, for non-date sensitive items, it’s ideal, offering huge increases in overall warehouse storage capacity.

Benefits of Drive-in Racking

  • High density storage - maximizing cubic space.     
  • More pallets stored per cubic meter.
  • Limited stock rotation - particularly suitable for seasonal goods.
  • Ideal for cold and chill storage applications.
  • Accessible by the First-In, Last-Out principle (FILO).
  • Used for bulk goods of the same type .
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +201271883441