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Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Pallet Racking Accessories

If you're looking for racking for your warehouse or storage facility, LinkMisr are the team that can provide you with a truly tailor-made solution. 

Because of our extensive range of accessories and optional add-ons, our pallet-racking range can be easily tailored in a variety of ways and integrated in a variety of existing systems and set-ups. Whatever your requirements or pallet load. 

1- Run Spacer
2- Wall Tie
3- Bolted Joining Unit
4- Frame Footplates
5- Pallet Foot Support
6- Drum Chock
7- Fork Spacer
8- Shelf Support
9- Steel Upright Protector
10- Lead In Steel Upright Protector
11- High impact Polymer Upright Protector
12- Rack End Protector
13- Tubular Barrier
14- Steel Shelf Panels
15- Wire Shelves
16- P & D Stations
17- Racking Signs

To find more about racking storage and our various pallet racking systems, speak to our expert team on +2012 718 83441