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Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

Lockers Locker Accessories

 Locking Systems for Locker Ranges

Key-operated Cam Lock (Standard deadlock) Single-point locking



with 2 keys.
Master keys available

Pistol Grip Lock, Simple-point locking 

For use with a padlock.
Note: padlocks not supplied
These are available separately

Key-Operated Cam Lock (Deadlock)

Key-Operated Cam Lock (Deadlock)Key-Operated Cam Lock (Deadlock)

Cam Lock(Deadlock)
Three-point locking
Supplied with 2 keys.
Master key available

 Combined Lock

  Combined Lock Combined Lock

Turning the tumbler to each of number settings release the lock.
Supplied with combination number, instructions and override master key


Digital Lock

A simple-to-use, battery operated keyless lock which can be programmed for single or multi-users.
It offers a high level of security, comparable to Mastered Combination Locks, but as a personal entry code can be set and changed by the user, the digital option gives even greater flexibility. A pre-set master code ensures supervisor access.