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Library Shelving

Library Shelving

Shelving Library Shelving


LinkMisr Library Shelving range is as versatile and adaptable as you need it to be, providing cantilever and normal & shelving system with all the accessories you could need, including attractive finishes, signage, and display shelves.
All our Library Shelving brings a touch of finesse to both traditional and contemporary interiors, delivering an affordable, stylish and cost-effective storage system.

Our broad range of on shelf accessories can be used to maintain ordering and categorization of book stock to improve the customer experience.
End panels can be used to define space, enhance display, add color, or to customize and brand your library. Versatile and functional, any combination of featured end panels can be used to create dynamic spaces.

LinkMisr Cantilever Library Shelving is designed to hold up to the heaviest use and still maintain its great looks. All the shelving components are powder coated with a paint finish far superior to the industry standard. A concealed leveling system adapts to conditions for maximum stability, without loose shims. Numerous quality construction features provide durability, practicality and flexibility to meet your storage needs to offer years of quality performance.


  • Quality Construction for Simple Rearrangements
  • Rounded End Brackets to Protect Books
  • Superior Uprights
  • Flexible Design
  • No Sway Braces
  • Specialty Shelves

Cantilever library shelving dimension

Heights of welded Frame cantilever library shelving

INCH 42″ 66″ 78″ 84″ 90″
METER 1.07 1.67 1.98 2.13 2.29



Width of shelves for cantilever library shelving

INCH 36″
METER .914


Depth of shelves for cantilever library shelving

INCH 7″ 8″ 9″ 11″
METER .180 .20 .23 .28