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Automation System

Automation System
Automation System

Automation System

Automation System

As companies and warehouse managers look to streamline operations, improve efficiency and production, and reduce costs, warehouse automation is on the rise. warehouse automation includes automated technologies that promise to increase efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Warehouse Automation

The benefits of warehouse automation are numerous. For warehouse managers just delving into automation, one of the first benefits you realize is a reduction of manual errors. As some studies show, the cost per error ranges from $50 to $300; when you multiply the error cost by the 1%-3% error rate, you realize the significant impact it has on your company’s profits.

Other benefits of warehouse automation include:

  • Increasing speed – Because automated systems nearly instantly identify the locations of all items in a particular order, warehouse automation increased speed. Better yet, warehouse automation systems optimize routes and maximize productivity during the product retrieval process. Finally, warehouse automation speeds up inventory management processes by using the technology to automatically count items.
  • Maximizing space – Warehouse automation systems maximize warehouse space by utilizing cranes that complete product retrieval and storage tasks and reduce the need for wide aisles that accommodate large pallets and pallet jacks and workers. AS/RS systems also use conveyors and lifters that reduce the amount of space used for aisles.
  • Better inventory counts – By reducing human error, warehouse automation can simplify inventory management, allowing for more accurate inventory counts and related inventory data.
  • Enhanced safety – Many warehouse automation systems bring the products to the worker, rather than the worker going to the products. As a result, foot and equipment traffic throughout the facility is decreased, enhancing overall warehouse safety. This can also reduce product damage by reducing the need for warehouse staff to manually move products from location to location.                                                                                           To find more about our automation systems, Please send your request on this email: sales@linkmisr.com