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Steel Drawers

Steel Drawers

Steel Drawers

The key component for all industrial and warehouse storage needs. LinkMisr Lista Steel Drawer are precision - built from high - quality steel sheet using the latest manufacturing techniques.

One Piece for side and base, with welded on front / back panels and runners.

Drawer walls are slotted all round for custom sub division using portioning material.
Grid is 17mm units across the breadth and depth. The same applies to perforated drawer’s bases. The drawer run on precision ball bearings.

The Guides Rails Slot into the drawer cabinet carriers and are secured without screws.

Normal or full depth extensions are available, depending on the intended application.

The drawer run smoothly and without buckling, even under the heaviest loads. Full-width handle strips facilitate clear labeling.

A Drawer Storage Wall system which unites all the benefits of Drawer Cabinet and Shelves. Drawers, Pull Out Shelves all can be combined in Drawer Storage Walls. They can accommodate different quantities, sizes, and types of products.

Modifications can easily be carried out by simply rearranging the individual units. The versatility of the Storage Wall System Allows configuration to suit different logistics system. Whether used for storage on a numerical basis or with data processing systems, perfect organization is always possible with Drawer Storage Wall.