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Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

Lockers Locker Accessories


Locking Systems for Locker Ranges

Key-operated Cam Lock (Standard deadlock) Single-point locking

Supplied with 2 keys.
Master keys available

Pistol Grip Lock, Simple-point locking 

For use with a padlock.
Note: padlocks not supplied
These are available separately

Key-Operated Cam Lock (Deadlock)

Cam Lock(Deadlock)
Three-point locking
Supplied with 2 keys.
Master key available

 Combined Lock


Turning the tumbler to each of number settings release the lock.
Supplied with combination number, instructions and override master key


Digital Lock

A simple-to-use, battery operated keyless lock which can be programmed for single or multi-users.
It offers a high level of security, comparable to Mastered Combination Locks, but as a personal entry code can be set and changed by the user, the digital option gives even greater flexibility. A pre-set master code ensures supervisor access.