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LinkMisr participated in the material handling expo 2016

LinkMisr International participated in material handling expo 2016 which was held in Cairo last November under the concept of “Industry on The Move”
LinkMisr introduced this year two innovational systems as they represent the next storing system generation.

The first one is the rack clad system:
A self-supporting warehouse with no longer conventional structural columns, and civil work needed to support the wall, and roof. Being fixed directly on the racking structure to complete the building. Offering considerable saving on construction time, and cost, A maximum use of available surface area, where storage can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated.

The second one is the fully automation system:

  • Automation system is the next generation modular system, fully automatic for the automation of multi-depth storage of pallets.
  • It is an innovative automatic warehouse & the heart not only of logistic flows but of all the activities of a company whose mission is absolute precision.
  • It considered as a self-supporting warehouse that becomes the center of all activities with a limited consequences of manpower mistakes.