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Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

CSR Policy & Management

LinkMisr international recognize its corporate and social responsibilities to its shareholders, Customers, Suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and is committed to conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable and profitable growth whilst fulfilling its legal and moral obligations. We aim to achieve our business objectives in a responsible manner recognizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities.

LinkMisr is committed to assessing and monitoring the impact of its activities against internationally recognized standards; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and in line with ISO 18001.

We seek to minimize the environmental impact of our activites through the prevention of pollution, minimizing waste, promoting good environment management practices, using environmental management system which are extremely audited through ISO 14001

Healthy & safe:
We are committed to high standards of health & safety, recognizing our duty of care and the benefits of providing safe working conditions. We aim to achieve continuous improvement in health & safety management system and practices in line with ISO 18001.