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Case Studies DHL

With a global network in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, DHL is the most international company in the world and can offer solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs.

DHL is part of the world's leading postal and logistics group, Deutsche Post DHL and encompasses three divisions: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight and DHL Supply Chain.

DHL Project Story
The long and established partnership between LinkMisr and DHL spans over 12 years. For expansion reasons, DHL Egypt moved its warehousing premises to a more extensive location on the Cairo/ Ismaillia Desert Road, 10th of Ramadan City.

Spreading over a vast area of 11,000 sqm , DHL's new warehouse gave room for growth, more flexibility and greater accessibility. However, the move required an efficient and swift disassembly of the existing racking system and moving it to the new location. Not only was the move efficient and seamless, it also proved the extreme durability of LinkMisr's products.

As part of the expansion assignment forwarded to LinkMisr, it was requested that the designers would reconfigure DHL's existing system as well as complementing it and integrating it within a newer storage design concept.

On tackling the assignment, LinkMisr put into consideration all the client's requirements and adapted the product solutions accordingly. Given the nature of DHL's frame of work, it was essential that LinkMisr allocates the ideal solutions ensuring the utmost logistical features and benefits to DHL.

LinkMisr Solution & Benefits
To accommodate each of DHL's needs and requirements, LinkMisr conceptualized and executed a shelving framework that constitutes of four product variations. Together, Two-Tier EuroShelving, Wide Aisle Pallet Racking, Drive-in Pallet Racking, and Satellite Storage system, provide a comprehensive, all embracing storage solution.

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking allows for fast and easy access to stored good, therefore avoiding situations where access to one particular pallet is blocked. This is especially helpful, effective and efficient in the case of DHL's work flow, which is characterized by the rapid turnover of different types of stock at one time.

Two-Tier Euro Shelving
Installing a two-iered shelving structure greatly increases floor space and utilizes maximum headroom. LinkMisr advised DHL to have this product installed to dismiss the need for an additional mezzanine floor. On doing so, LinkMisr delivered the most cost effective solution possible which deemed beneficial especially in the case of accommodating selective product types and variable small items such as automotive spare parts.

Upon the successful installation of the above mentioned products, DHL communicated to LinkMisr its need for further storage solutions that will deliver high density pallet storage capacity.

Drive-in Pallet Racking
Upon DHL's request to accommodate additional storage solutions that will answer to their need for a Last In First Out (LIFO) system, LinkMisr recommended Drive-in Pallet Racking products. Using this solution, DHL will effectively store pallets in different levels within a given lane and with the same reference number, which are usually with slow moving reference pallet and relatively shallower pallet capacity.

Satellite Storage System (Semi-Automated Radio Shuttle)
DHL was looking to reduce storing time, on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis for a large number of storage references in a large number of pallets into a depth reaching 40m. LinkMisr proposed the semi-automated Satellite Storage System which perfectly fits their requirements, since it operates using a mobile shuttle that automatically moves the pallet from the entry position to the last available location.

DHL Case Study PDF file

  '' Starting LSP business from 10 years ago DGF has encountered Link Misr to be a part of our success stories starting from consultation till execution, facing the high demand of customers with the infinite usual need of maximizing the storage capacity Link Misr has always succeeded to bring up positive solutions that feeds our hunger in space utilization not mentioning the after sales services given timely and which is a crucial issue for us in giving the right service to our customers. ''

Maged Greiss
Logistics Manager

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